specialist treatments

Here at Vicarage Farm Beauty and Holistic Therapy Centre, we are fortunate to be able to offer you the specialist expertise and services of many talented therapists.  You can rest assured that you are in qualified, experienced and capable hands and that you will be treated professionally and individually.  We respect client confidentiality with the same standards as you would expect from any other health practitioner.

Wearing loose, unrestrictive clothing is recommended for optimal comfort for all treatments listed below, with the exception of: manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) and sport/deep tissue massage.


David Sanders, Lic Ac. M.B.Ac.C.

Acupuncture helps to restore the body’s natural balance by clearing excessive conditions and boosting areas of deficiency. Small, sterile needles are shallowly inserted into acupuncture points and these fine needles remain in the body for a short period of time. An initial diagnostic assessment is required to evaluate the symptoms you are experiencing and a treatment strategy is developed

Initial Diagnosis        £50

Follow-up treatment 45 minutes        £42

baby massage

Jayne Moffatt, baby massage instructor

Personal one-to-one classes

Consultation and first treatment 90 minutes        £45

Follow-up treatment 60 minutes        £45

Small baby massage groups available on request

crystal healing therapy with reiki

Crystals have different energies and properties and between them can affect mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects within ourselves.

Crystals will be chosen carefully for each individual and placed around the body. With the use of crystals combined with Reiki this becomes a powerful treatment to aid healing at all levels.

Treatment session 60 minutes        £48

deluxe reflexology

Relaxed Face, Hands, Feet, Body and Mind

A wonderful way of calming the mind and relaxing the body. The Facial Reflexology, “Bergman method”, combined with hand and foot reflexology promotes relaxation and wellbeing.

A reflexology treatment can have rather lovely beautifying side effects in addition to reducing stress. The treatment is totally tailored to your needs, and it is enhanced by using lovely bespoke blend to suit you.

90 minutes £80

facial reflexology

The beauty from within

Facial reflexology is a calm gentle treatment with all the benefits of classical foot reflexology, However, it does have rather lovely beautifying side effects in addition to reducing stress. Like foot reflexology, it is based on the principle that reflex points on your face are connected to an area/organ of your body. Gentle stimulation of those facial reflexes promote balancing the corresponding body parts together with stimulation of the skin layers and promoting beautiful skin from the inside. Facial Reflexology has unique benefits as it may improve your health and wellbeing on the inside whilst also helping you to look better and younger. The face is likely to feel and look smoother and more toned as circulation is increased and muscle tension is reduced. Some clients call it their ‘mini Face-lift’.

30 minutes £40

60 minutes  £55

Fertility Reflexology

A calm, no intrusive therapy to help distress, and rebalance body, mind and spirit during the journey to conception. A medical consultation will be the guide to a treatment plan, which will be discussed with you.

60 minutes £50

hand reflexology

A lovely relaxing and nurturing therapy for tired, achy and stressed hands, arm, body and mind. Hand Reflexology helps you looking after your hands was well as your general wellbeing. Like foot reflexology, the therapist applies pressure to points in the hand that reflect different body systems promoting balancing of those reflexes and in addition to stimulating the body’s healing mechanisms. It can be a classical treatment or have add on, for example VRT, vertical reflexology, or RLD, Reflexology lymphatic drainage. You can also choose to have a lovely bespoke blend to suit your needs. The treatment is likely to leave you feeling calmer, relaxed and rebalanced as well easy the stress and tension in your hands.

30 minutes £30

60 minutes combined with foot reflexology £50

60 minutes combined with Facial reflexology £55


Jayne Moffatt DHP HPD AfSFH

Hypnosis is a natural state of trance similar to that achieved in meditation. Hypnotherapy is now widely recognised as one of the most effective ways to bring about positive solution, utilising clinically-proven techniques of CBT, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and other approaches to help you make those significant changes within a relatively short period of time.

Hypnotherapy can help with Anxiety disorders, Panic attacks, Phobias and fears, Confidence, Exam nerves, Self-esteem, Weight management, Insomnia, Goal achievement, IBS, Stopping Smoking and much more.

Free Initial Consultation

Further Hourly Sessions       £60 inclusive of CD

Smoking Cessation 1-2 hours        £95


Jan Davidson, BA (Hons), Adv Dip NHF (nutritional and naturopathic therapy), Diplomat Kinesiology practitioner BSAK – registered with ASK

Kinesiology is a complementary health therapy using simple muscle testing techniques.  The theory of muscle testing was first developed by an orthopaedic surgeon, R.W.Lovett, who was working with polio victims in the 1930’s.  It was further developed by a chiropractor, Dr. George Goodheart, in the 1960’s who started using muscle testing to identify strong and weak muscles.  A muscle will test either strong or weak dependent on biochemical, emotional and structural needs as well as subtle energies.  Techniques including nutritional supplements, techniques for emotional stress release, Bach flower remedies, acupressure, gentle structural realignment, chakra balancing, massage of reflex points, meridian running as well as lifestyle changes are used by the practitioner to improve muscle strength to prevent or reverse the course of pain and disease.

Kinesiology addresses the whole person, emotionally, physically, chemically and energetically.  Being out of balance in one aspect can affect the other aspects.  As an example, if you are out of balance emotionally then you can develop a chemical, physical or energetic imbalance.  The aim of the Kinesiology practitioner is to detect imbalances and to correct them.  

Working with children
Kinesiology is used safely and effectively to identify food sensitivities, treat a variety of illnesses and conditions and can support with emotional issues. I am also qualified in testing for and treating the Primitive Reflexes using kinesiology. Kinesiology can take the guesswork away and achieve the best possible results to keep your child happy and healthy
Working with children:
Kinesiology is very safe and gentle for children of all ages. I work with young children and school aged children up to 18 years old. I can help release the blocks that are inhibiting your child’s natural ability to be well and happy.
Working with babies and younger children:
When working with babies and very young children, it is necessary to use a surrogate (this can be the mother, father or a friend). In order to find out more about surrogate testing please contact me.

Working with children, treating Retained Primitive Reflexes:
What are Primitive Reflexes?
Primitive Reflexes are essential as survival reflexes and for our development in the womb, at birth and for up to 2 years after birth. They enable repetitive, automatic movements that are essential for development of head control, muscle tone, sensory integration together with other development. They become inhibited as the movements become more practiced and controlled. Every Primitive Reflex therefore contributes to areas of a foetus, babies and child’s development. Each Primitive Reflex emerges at a certain time, remains active in order to complete its particular task and then it will integrate and no longer be active. When Primitive Reflexes remain, active difficulties could emerge.
Incomplete integration of Primitive Reflexes may be a contributing cause of ADD/ ADHD, autism, learning difficulties, developmental delay, sensory integration disorders, vision and hearing problems, behaviour issues, addiction and constant feelings of overwhelm.
Here are some other problems our children can experience if they do not integrate fully:

  • • Coordination and balance
    • Sleep,
    • Poor concentration,
    • Dyslexia, dyspraxia,
    • Allergies,
    • Poor social skills,
    • Insecurity, fear, anger, tantrums,
    • Lack of confidence, extreme shyness
    • and many, many more, the list is endless

From the earliest stages of development in the womb the Primitive Reflexes help to develop the brain, they are the basis of our nervous system and our ability to move. The development of neural pathways in the brain are important for our emotional well-being, communication, learning, behaviours and relationships. They regulate our stress levels and if retained they trigger our flight/fight responses for no particular reason leaving us in a state of hightened stress.

How will a Kinesiology session help with Primitive Reflexes?
A wide range of imbalances can be seen in babies, children, teenagers and adults if the reflexes are retained. A Kinesiology treatment can support the integration of reflexes through identifying the imbalance and performing techniques. During the session, a range of Kinesiology tests will be performed to find out which of the reflexes are not integrated and once identified the treatment is to make corrections to support the body’s ability to integrate them. Exercises are completed enabling the brain to register them, therefore allowing their natural integration.

Kinesiology is gentle, non-invasive and holistic therapy.

Initial 90 minute consultation £105 – includes reading of completed case history questionnaire and a fully typed report e-mailed to you within 48 hours.

Follow up 90 minute consultation – includes 60 minutes of Kinesiology £90

Children’s sessions available on request

manual lymphatic drainage (MLD)

Jayne Moffatt, MICHT, FAETC Vodder Trained Therapist

This is a specialised therapy which works on the body’s lymphatic system; our waste disposal unit. This powerful treatment is helpful in the treatment of migraines, sinus problems, detoxification, acne, scar tissue and swellings. This is of particular benefit in treating lymphoedema

60 minutes        £55

Maternity Reflexology

A wonderful non intrusive therapy, aiming to relax the body and mind of a mum to be. The treatment is suitable from beginning of pregnancy till birth. It is a beautifully supporting treatment in the journey to motherhood.

60 minutes £50


With today’s busy lifestyles and modern reliance on pre-packaged and prepared foods, it is difficult to ensure our bodies receive the nutrients it needs to operate from a place of vitality, rather than relying on adrenaline. Nutritional education can be a first step to restoring your body to optimal fitness by embarking on a holistic wellness programme

Consultation and session 90 minutes        £60

Follow-up sessions 60 minutes        £40

Reflexology Lymphatic drainage

This Technique has been designed by Sally Kay, and aims to promote lymph movement, and reducing of swelling of limbs, for people suffering from lymphoedema after cancer treatment, or due to genetic conditions.

60 minutes £50

reiki healing

we are fortunate to have several reiki practitioners available for you

Reiki is a natural healing art originating in Japan. During a treatment, energy is transmitted through the practitioner’s hands to the recipient. For a person in good general health, Reiki offers a pleasant way to relax, to relieve stress and to increase energy and vitality. Reiki may also be used as a gentle support during times of illness. As it works on all level of being, Reiki offers a powerful tool for growth and personal transformation

Consultation 15 minutes        No charge

Treatment 60 minutes        £48

sport/deep tissue massage

Sport massage is a specialised treatment suitable for treating various sports injuries. Using a combination of deep body massage techniques for: muscle energy, neuromuscular, positional and soft tissue release

60 minutes        £55

thermal auricular ear

The Hopi Indian Ear Candle Treatment is an ancient but effective treatment to bring relief from the pain or discomfort associated with excessive or compacted ear wax. It can relieve sinus problems, glue ear, tinnitus and pain and pressure from flying. For maximum results, a course of three treatments is recommended. Facial lymphatic drainage is included with this treatment.

50 minutes        £45

vrt reflexology

VRT Therapy is a powerful treatment which is used to help specific problems. It can enhance conventional reflexology treatment or may be given as a stand-alone treatment. Free 15 minute consultations available upon request

50 minutes        £50


zone face lift

Zone facelift has unique benefits as it may improve your health and wellbeing on the inside whilst also helping you to look better and younger with a healthy glow on the outside, a very holistic non invasive approach to looking and feeling younger.

This treatments has beautifying side effects in addition to reducing stress. The 12 week programme could easy lines and take away 10 years off your face naturally. The Zone Face Lift programme includes elements of facial reflexology, hand and foot reflexology and much more.
The face is likely to feel and look smoother and more toned as circulation is increased and muscle tension is reduced. It may help improve skin tone and it stimulates the body’s healing mechanisms.

60 minutes £65

Course of 6 £350

Course of 12 £715



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